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Using our Fleet Management software. Reduce costs, improve efficiency, and ensure timely deliveries with our comprehensive solution. Managing a fleet of commercial vehicles comes with its fair share of challenges, especially when external factors like legislative changes, market uncertainty, and rising costs are thrown into the mix. However, with the right software solution, fleet managers can regain control and streamline their operations effectively.

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At SupplyStride, our Fleet Management software is designed to optimize fleet operations and enhance inventory control, providing customers with a comprehensive solution to manage their vehicle fleet and track inventory levels simultaneously. By utilizing our software, you can significantly reduce operational costs, improve overall efficiency, and ensure timely deliveries to your customers.

Why chose our Fleet Management software?

Enhance driver safety:
Prioritizing driver safety is crucial for fleet managers. Our fleet management software offers real-time alerts and notifications to address dangerous driving habits such as speeding and hard braking. By monitoring driver performance, businesses can effectively mitigate risks and contribute to reducing accidents and fatalities on the roads.

Reduce fuel consumption:
Managing fuel costs can be challenging due to fluctuating prices. Our software provides comprehensive fuel tracking data, enabling fleet managers to identify areas for fuel-saving potential. By analyzing factors like engine idling and coaching drivers on efficient driving techniques, businesses can achieve significant fuel cost reductions and increase profitability.

Real-time updates and insights:
The GPS vehicle tracking empowers fleet managers with near real-time visibility of their fleet, allowing them to redirect vehicles when necessary and provide accurate updates to customers. This improves operational efficiency, enhances customer service, and eliminates the need for constant communication with drivers, saving valuable time and resources.

Custom reporting for increased efficiency:
Our vehicle management system offers detailed custom reports that transform data into actionable insights. These reports go beyond vehicle location, providing valuable information to team members and enabling them to identify areas for improvement. By leveraging these reports, businesses can optimize their operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Optimize vehicle maintenance:
Fleet maintenance and vehicle lifecycles can be financially burdensome for businesses. Our software facilitates the development of preventative maintenance schedules based on key data points such as kilometers traveled, engine hours, and fuel usage. By tracking vehicle downtime and identifying patterns, managers can proactively address maintenance issues, saving time and money in the long run.

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